1. For unattached children the process of professional coaching and specific daily treatment interventions may take five to seven years to show major results. This is a far cry from the claims of a variety of quick attachment approaches. To those who shudder at seven years of treatment, they may do well to ask how long it takes a healthy attached child to learn responsibility and to develop an informed functioning conscience. It takes a human being many years to be physically self-sufficient, why would anyone be surprised that it would take equally long to be socially and morally well developed. It may not take years of individual art therapy, play therapy or even professional coaching in family therapy, but it will take years for healthy attachment patterns to form in the day-to-day environment the child is in, if initial attachment was disrupted, partially developed, or absent entirely.
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    Not even lion

    This is the best post I have seen all day

    This post made my weekend

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  3. topic: tamalesfrom the top of the mountainthere drips a horror crya man in elderly gripshand clutching secretshe cries outwhere have the tamales gone\his bald headcolonialhis spiritnegligent of spicehis teenage yearsare stuck in a hula hoop

    topic: tamales

    from the top of the mountain
    there drips a horror cry

    a man in elderly grips
    hand clutching secrets

    he cries out
    where have the tamales gone\

    his bald head

    his spirit
    negligent of spice

    his teenage years
    are stuck in a hula hoop

  4. topic: andre the giant (“are you familiar with andre the giant? me: no. him: he’s a wrestler from the nineteen hundreds.” (!!!!))mighty as a mountainandre ate spinachlocal organic spinachgrown on the roofof the gymand the wind blowsthrough andres teethlike a fluteand he contemplateskindness and lovebecause why notuse several ingredients

    topic: andre the giant (“are you familiar with andre the giant? me: no. him: he’s a wrestler from the nineteen hundreds.” (!!!!))

    mighty as a mountain
    andre ate spinach

    local organic spinach
    grown on the roof

    of the gym
    and the wind blows

    through andres teeth
    like a flute

    and he contemplates
    kindness and love

    because why not
    use several ingredients

  5. topic: “alexandra moonchild” (and a bunch of info about her “but don’t put all of it in the post you make on tumblr like usual”)losttmymarblesi tried to surfyou were like nice tryyears strode byyou were like NICE TRY                      LETS SURFof course, the celestialitiesfacilitate everythingthe ultimate digressionimpossible goes nowhowyoure there me heremy moon your moonlet’s surflike skypingthrough the smellof teen spirit

    topic: “alexandra moonchild” (and a bunch of info about her “but don’t put all of it in the post you make on tumblr like usual”)


    i tried to surf
    you were like nice try
    years strode by

    you were like NICE TRY
                          LETS SURF

    of course, the celestialities
    facilitate everything
    the ultimate digression

    impossible goes now
    youre there me here

    my moon your moon
    let’s surf
    like skyping
    through the smell
    of teen spirit

  6. topic: aaron (who likes computers) // title: aaroncrows often peckat the infinite(in fin it ee)they are computinglike a computeraaron knowscomputing likes computersaaron is unlike crowslegs yes he has themwings in a metaphorbut this is not a poemi havent the time.aaron is full humanfull human plus computercalculating the things all of them

    topic: aaron (who likes computers) // title: aaron

    crows often peck
    at the infinite
    (in fin it ee)
    they are computing
    like a computer
    aaron knows
    computing likes

    aaron is unlike crows
    legs yes he has them
    wings in a metaphor
    but this is not a poem
    i havent the time.

    aaron is full human
    full human plus computer
    calculating the things
     all of them

  7. topic: author’s choice “whatever you want”title: whatever i wantsomehowthis is about whatever i wantbut it is for youthat is to saywhatever i wantis what you wantwe must have shared valuesfor examplewe both think it is importantthat smokers keep distanceso we’re both botheredby the woman who just went bywe could get into itand lastly a metaphora pair of shoesis a net full of salted crabmeat

    topic: author’s choice “whatever you want”

    title: whatever i want

    this is about whatever i want
    but it is for you

    that is to say
    whatever i want
    is what you want

    we must have shared values
    for example

    we both think it is important
    that smokers keep distance
    so we’re both bothered
    by the woman who just went by

    we could get into it
    and lastly a metaphor
    a pair of shoes
    is a net full of salted crab

  8. Kayo Dot - "Coffins On Io" Lyrics


    Library Subterranean

    Suffer the gulf

    Of a hundred million years

    The sand that buried centuries

    The burden that drew its shadow long

    That tried in vain to hide unfathomed

    He drew the pictures of his dreams


    Unlocked the shrine withdrawn

    Threw open doors unmade


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  9. Although this is supposed to be a poetry blog I may post more psychology related information because I entered grad school to become a psychotherapist two weeks ago and it’s on my mind more than usual now. Also I may be less inspired to do my poetry thing as a result because I’m pretty busy.

    Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) is of particular interest to me and I think this woman does a very good job describing what it is. Bare in mind that personality disorders are probably culturally constructed to some degree, but that the people who experience the symptom clusters (think patterns of thought, emotion, behavior) are experiencing real suffering and are in need of real relief. The quiet radical in me (used to be louder) says that larger scale and more sustainable relief would come from profound cultural/political changes (ie, socialism?) but that’s another conversation. I think it’s important for folks to know about patterns of suffering like this one. The experience of having BPD has been described as “being an emotional burn victim.”

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amazing dog trick 




    amazing dog trick 


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